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The HELPDESK package is designed for companies that would like to use remote support on their computers to cut down costs, eliminate unnecessary callout fees and minimize downtime for repairing problems on computers.


We simply install our remote support software, free of charge, on each of your computers, including your company server, and with one call, we can start working on the problem immediately, cutting down costs and travelling time considerably.


HELPDESK Package                     R200 per month

-       For 5 computers running Microsoft Windows XP or higher


Each support session will cost you R100 per hour on normal computers and R200 per hour on Microsoft Servers.


You also have the added benefit of a reduced callout fee of R200 per hour if the problem cannot be fixed remotely.


It includes      - VPN Hosting

            - Remote Desktop Support

            - Phone Support


            - Reduced Callout Rates